Ukefarm Radio
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Tuned Locally - Played Globally.
Ukefarm Radio on iPhone and Android
Ukefarm Radio is now available on the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPod, and iPad, and on Google Play for Android phones.

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Chordette launch!

Chordette is now available for macOS and Windows.

Chordette is a chord library program that can be used as a stand-alone application for looking up chords, or in conjunction with a word processing program for creating song sheets or chord charts. Chordette is available for multiple tunings for Windows and macOS.

Ukulele Resources
Scales, chord groups, movable chords, fretboard, Transpose chart. They are all here. All files are available as PDFs for download.
Chordtunes for iPad
Chordtunes is an iPad app for creating chord sheets for guitar, ukulele, and mandolin. Entering chords is as easy as typing. A custom input keyboard provides an easy way to select and enter the chords. Chordtunes supports three PDF formats, transposing, lyrics, and Dropbox.