Chordette is a free ukulele chord library program that can be used as a stand-alone application, or in conjunction with a word processing program, such as Word. As a stand-alone, it provides a handy interface for looking at uke chords in first and second position on the fretboard.

Announcing Ukefarm Radio Relaunch

Almost a year ago, the Copyright Review Board eliminated the Small Broadcaster provision, which resulted in thousands of independent small broadcasters going off the air overnight. I've spent the last year exploring and investigating various options to restore my stations. I am pleased to announce the relaunch of Ukefarm Radio. I've expanded the playlists, added a popup player to allow Web navigation while listening, and created Theme Time for Ukefarm Radio, a series of playlists that presents various genres or themes.

Transpose Tool

The Transpose tool is for exploring various keys of songs you play or want to learn. Enter the chords to a song, and display chords in any key.


Chordsongs is a free Web app for desktop and laptop computers. It provides a simple interface for creating chord charts. Chords for six tunings are available: Soprano Uke (ADF#B), Tenor Uke (GCEA), Baritone Uke (DGBE), Guitar (EADGBE), Mandolin (GDAE), and Mandola (CGDA). You only need to create a chord chart once. Selecting a different tuning will convert your song to that tuning.    

Southern Ukulele Store
The Southern Ukulele Store has a great collection of videos demostrating an impressive list of ukes. Take a look at their YouTube channel to see all their videos.
Ukulele Resources
Scales, chord groups, movable chords, fretboard, Transpose chart. They are all here. All files are available as PDFs for download.
Chordtunes for iPad
Chordtunes is an iPad app for creating chord sheets for guitar, ukulele, and mandolin. Entering chords is as easy as typing. A custom input keyboard provides an easy way to select and enter the chords. Chordtunes supports three PDF formats, transposing, lyrics, and Dropbox.