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FretTab is a tool to create tablature for Ukulele. The Color version supports Aquila Color KIDS Strings. It includes both standard and advance chords with finger positions.

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Product Description

FretTab is a simplified redesign of the basic tablature format, using a layout consisting of a sequence of notes overlaid on a fretboard-like structure. It is intended for those that want a quick way to capture a basic melody, teachers and individual instructors, and for those that may be intimidated by more complex Tablature features.

Ukulele Tablature

Fret Tab can be used in a teaching setting to create simple melodies for students. The color version supports Aquila Kids strings.

Fret Tab supports ukulele tuned GCEA. The apps are available in black and white for Windows, and in both black and white and color for Macintosh. The color version includes both full color and grey display.

FretTab contains standard and advanced chords. Here are the tablature and chord sets included with the app:

String Tabs, Measure, Repeat, Bar line, Line Spacers, Pull-off, Hammer-on, Slide
Major, 7th, Minor, min7, maj7, dim7, aug
6th, m6, 7b5, m7b5, 7#5, 7b9, 9

Sample Tab and Chords

Example ukulele tablature notes and chords


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