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Chordette for Ukulele

Chordette Ukulele chord fonts are tuned GCEA and support Concert Ukulele, Tenor Ukulele, and Banjolele. Easily create a Ukulele chord chart or song sheet. Both Mac and Windows versions of Chordette chord library software are included.


Chordette for Ukulele - Left Handed


Chordette for Soprano Uke

Chordette Soprano Ukulele Chord Fonts are tuned ADF#B for creating ukulele chord charts and song sheets. Both Mac and Windows versions of the Chordette app are included.

Chordette for Education - Ukulele

Chordette for Education is a ukulele chord library program created specifically for schools and individual instructors. It can be used for creating song sheets, presentations, or adding chords to videos.

Chordette for Baritone Uke

Chordette Baritone Ukulele Chord Fonts are tuned DGBE. Easily create a Baritone Ukulele Chord Chart or Song Sheet. Both Mac and Windows versions of Chordette app are included.

FretTab - Ukulele Tablature Editor

FretTab can be used to create ukulele tablature for students. The color version supports Aquila Kids strings.

UKC Chordette & FretTab

UKC Versions of Chordette and FretTab. Just like Chordette for Education, chords are available with finger positions, in 3D, and in color for Aquila Strings (Mac Only). Alternate and Advanced Ukulele chords are included.

Product Description

  • Chordette for Education (3D and Color chords* compatible with Aquila Color Strings)
  • FretTab (Ukulele Tablature editor, Color Mac version compatible with Aquila Color strings)
  • UKC Chordette and FretTab versions.  Similar to Chordette for Education (chords with finger positions, 3D chords, and Color compatibility with Aquila strings) – they include Alternate and Advanced chords.


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