Most Web sites I am familiar with that focus on music, at least from a teaching view point, occassionally may include content on tools and material for enhancing or supporting the musicians learning experience and providing advice on accessories, such as tuners, cases, and other accessories. With the phenominal success of mobile applications for tablets and smart phones, as well as their desktop counter-parts, there is no place to find a consolidated list to serve the technological enabled musician that has enbraced this new era of technology. This document will attempt to fill that hole. This is not meant to be an indepth review of the apps, but rather an exposure of what's available, although I will add commentary and links to the apps, and reviews if they exist else where. Feel free to contact me with any suggestions you may have.

Note: I have selected these apps based on reviews, popularity, and ratings. I will be updating this list periodically. Some apps may appear to be Guitar-centric, but they contain ukulele features. Be sure to check the iTunes App Store to determine if the app is iPad only. There are often both iPhone and iPad versions.